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How the light gets in: healing our brokenness through the Spiritualism of the enneagram.

Kanuga Conference Center
Hendersonville, NC
October 26 � 29, 2017

Join Dr. Joseph Howell, author of Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram�s Forgotten Passageway, and the faculty of the Institute for Conscious Being for an in-depth exploration into the Spirituality of the Enneagram. Throughout this extended weekend, ICB presents innovative ways to apply the Enneagram�s wisdom to every aspect of life.

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Workshop topics

Dreams � How You Can Know What They Mean

Dr. Howell is available for weekend workshops beginning on Friday evenings and continuing through Saturday evenings on subjects such as Dream Work, Principles of Therapy, Principles of Family Therapy, Principles of Group Therapy, The Enneagram and Spiritual/Psychological Growth and Development. Dr. Howell does intensive weekends for these topics at his retreat on Lake Logan Martin near Pell City, Alabama. He also travels to the location of the business or organization to present.

Knowing the messages which come to us through dreams has been a quest of humans since the beginning of time. Dr. Howell has studied and taught dream interpretation for years. Many people who participate in Dr. Howell�s Dream Workshops have documented amazing results in living a happier and more conscious life because of having studied with him.

In this workshop, Dr. Howell explains the research and literature on dreams: he then gives the participants the current methods of dream interpretation and analysis. He uses live demonstrations, interviews and handouts to help the participant become familiar with the dream and to be able to apply interpretation techniques to his/her own dream life.

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit through Meditation

Many people who face physical illness, dilemmas, and crisis or life confusions need to affect a positive change. Dr. Howell has led hundreds of people through this method of meditation, physical relaxation, and guided imagery into a much healthier approach to their problem. Through live demonstration and through specific auditory and written meditations, Dr. Howell shows the participant powerful ways to visualize the very pictures in their mind which bring relaxation and confidence and which cause negative emotions/ feelings to disappear. He also instructs the participant in how to continue these learned techniques at home and on the job.

Knowing Yourself : Exploration of Your Innermost Self Through the Adventure of the Enneagram

Simple, yet powerful, the Enneagram is a system of personality inquiry and healing. For those who truly want to know more of their personality strengths, potentials, fears, pitfalls and pathways to wholeness and integration, the Enneagram, as taught by Dr. Howell, is an amazing tool. Imagine knowing your true motives and those of others. Imagine how if you knew the hidden pitfalls and blind spots in your personality type, you could surmount your most difficult problems. The Enneagram is a life-changing body of knowledge expertly taught and demonstrated by Dr. Howell. The Enneagram is taught in three different levels of workshops: Basics, Intermediate and Advanced. Imagine having profound insights into the personalities of family members, fellow workers and friends.

The Eight Stages of Psychological and Spiritual Growth in Life

Many persons do not know where they are on the developmental life cycle, from conception to death. They know they must age chronologically, but psychologically and even spiritually, they do not know the levels of growth or where they are on these growth charts. Simply and clearly, Dr. Howell provides participants an in-depth study of the Eight Stages of Human Development and provides concise handouts for further study. The workshop also includes a developmental look at spiritual development complete with the spiritual tasks and questions of each stage. This illuminating workshop is alive with knowledge and self-discovery. It also provides the participants with what developmental and spiritual crises and tasks await them in the future.

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