Meditation for Healing and Relaxation

compact disc

About this CD

�Meditation for Healing and Relaxation� by Dr. Joe Howell is an experience of ultimate tranquility. In just a few moments of listening to Dr. Howell�s voice and the specially chosen background music and sounds of the beach, the listener becomes very relaxed. Through being guided into specific vibrant visual scenes, given to mind�s eye by Dr. Howell�s voice, the listener enters a calm and soothing place. This experience evokes the spiritual strength of the listener by providing powerful images of nature, the Divine, and spiritual comfort. The combined physical and mental serve to facilitate the healing of mind, body and spirit.

Persons going through a physical illness have found this CD invaluable in their recovery. Many have taken the CD into their chemotherapy or diagnostic procedures such as the MRI or CT scan. Others have played this CD to be able to sleep or to relax during any medical procedure including dental visits or same day surgery. This CD can transport the person to another place and another time� a place of restoration and a time for healing.

Many persons use this CD to stop thoughts of worry, self punishment or poor self esteem. Others prefer it for relief of anxiety or to prevent thinking cycles which may lead to a panic attack. Many persons use the messages of this meditation in order to bring on sleep or to return to sleep if awakened in the night. Some have found it preferable to sleep aids. People with generalized fear have listened to this meditation during all hours of the day to be reconnected with their own courage and their own relationship to God. Such reconnection has blotted out fearful or negative thoughts and replaced these with thoughts of confidence, comfort, optimism, faith, hope and healing.

There are two listening tracks on this CD. One is for persons who wish to have specific Christian language used by Dr. Howell in the guided imagery. The other track is one in which general spiritual language is used by Dr. Howell without a specific theological reference.

Comments from listeners.

�I have used Dr. Howell�s CD in several CT scans I required. My claustrophobia would have prevented me from getting the scans, but listening to Dr. Howell�s meditation brought me through.�

�Dr. Howell�s voice is soothing and comforting to me. When I hear him, I feel a strength to go on because he makes me think of the higher power.�

�Without Dr. Howell�s CD, I would not have been able to leave my house. With the positive encouragement I receive from his words of hope, I now feel the security to venture outside my home�..but I carry the CD with me!�

�Sometimes I replay the meditation in my mind without listening to the CD. I have committed the words to memory and now I have the strength I need just by recall.�

�My panic attacks were escalating. My medications were not working. This CD stopped my fearful thoughts. This CD is my way to prevent panic. I love it.�

�Dr. Howell�s spirituality comes through to me on this CD. I can feel a deep comfort through his words and his direction. This comfort comes from God.�

�I got the CD from a friend and now I listen to it everyday. I used to feel depressed and down on myself every day, but now I feel loved and cared for.�

�When you are sick, you need all the help you can get. Chemo terrified me. But when I took the healing CD into the chemo room, I was relaxed and the therapy was finished before I knew it.�

How to order

CDs may be purchased in person for $20.00 each at Dr. Howell's office. 1115 Leighton Ave. Suite 1A Anniston, AL 36207

CDs can also be ordered by calling Dr. Howell's office (256) 238-8113 and using a credit card (Master Card or Visa) The price for mail ordering is $24.00 which includes shipping and handling.